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Best nuts in Sydney

Best nuts in Sydney. They make a great gift for people who have everything.

Sue R. / Taken from Facebook

Wonderful fresh nuts

Such wonderful fresh nuts. Haven’t found anything else like them. Yum.

Leigh C. / Taken from Facebook

They have nuts

Cooked, honey, caramel and normal nuts. It’s only a wee shop in Galleries Victoria as you walk from George St to Pitt St but they stock your favourites…

Sharn G. / Taken from Yelp


Your caramelised macadamias are amazingly delicious!!!

Princess Charlotte Prestifilippo / Taken from Facebook

Best nuts in the world

I always come here because they are the best nuts in the world.

Danielle, Paris / Taken from Facebook

Big smile on my face

Still cooking things, not bought in, they’re fresh and not made to last for ever. Not only are their nuts great, but I come away with a big smile on my face.

Carmen H. / Taken from Facebook

Something nutty is going on

Something nutty is going on in this place. I just can’t put my finger on it. That is until I get my hands on some rather addictive and tasty nuts in little cellophane bags.

It’s fun watching the lady behind the counter roasting and caramelising the nuts right in front of your very eyes. Cashews, macadamias, walnuts, peanuts, and almonds all getting their sweet, sweet sugar on!

Just make sure your teeth are insured, ’cause they’re extra crunchy.

Adam W. / Taken from Yelp

Luscious roasted sugary goodness

Sugar-roasted nuts in tiny cellophane bags to munch on as you wander the QVB. The smell of caramelising sugar hits you as you head down from Town Hall station towards the upper levels of the QVB itself and turns the air all warm and treacly. They make it in a big copper pan right here, and the smell is just divine. I recommend the almonds, being supposedly good for regulating blood sugar. Ok, not while covered in luscious roasted sugary goodness, but I can pretend it’s health food. And the shop name bad pun comes for free.

Jo K / Taken from Yelp

Caramelised popcorn

All you have to do is walk past this place. The smell that generates from this place is the greatest marketing ploy. And the best part is that it tastes as good as it smells. The only problem is the weight that you gain for continuously eating their products. So if you don’t know Nutorious is a place that has caramel coated nuts.

This is the second store to open up, as the original is the in QVB. And even though I was excited about the proximity of this store to my work, my stomach is concerned about all the extra weight I am going to be putting on.

If you are unsure which caramelised nut to but, don’t worry they have a bag with their 3 best sellers. And if you don’t feel like nuts, it doesn’t matter they also do caramelised popcorn. Yes the fatty goodness keeps on coming.

Tamer M. / Taken from Yelp