Our Story

Spreading the sweet joy of nuts.

The Nutorious story began as a happy accident in 1998 when Barb and Rhonda, began experimenting with caramelising nuts and realised they’d created something special. In 2006, the two opened the iconic Nutorious store in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building, using the premises as their kitchen to handcraft their nuts in small batches every day.

Today, Nutorious is an online Australian favourite for nut gifts and a Sydney institution, attracting queues, loyal fans and tourists who follow the lingering aroma that has become synonymous with the QVB. Barb and Rhonda are moving onto the next adventure, but not before passing their secret recipe and passion to Nutorious’ new owner and Head Nutter, Ashley Scott.

Continuing the tradition. Protecting the legacy.

As a long-time customer of Nutorious, Ashley found the opportunity to take over the business as irresistible as the nuts. Thanks to his fine-dining background, and a history of working with Australian artisan producers, Ashley knows what it takes to create magic through quality and consistency. He is proud to continue the Nutorious traditions in-store and through the Nutorious online shop, spreading the sweet joy of nuts across Australia and the world.

Caramelised Nut

Nutorious Caramelised Mixed Nuts

Shhhh. Our Secret Recipe

Handmade in small batches. Packaged supremely fresh.

We believe there’s nothing like the sweet joy of tucking into freshly handcrafted nuts.

Every day, our Nutters caramelise the nuts, stirring each small batch gently by hand for twenty minutes until the sugar dries, then cooking them a second time, melting the sugar and caramelising the nuts again.

Each one-kilogram batch is caramelised in a traditional copper pot, handmade for Nutorious by an artisan coppersmith in France. This beautiful pot is so much more than a pot. Thanks to its stunning metal, shape and size, it distributes the heat evenly throughout the cooking process, ensuring the nuts caramelise evenly every time. The Nutorious Nuts are then immediately hand packaged and sealed to lock in their freshness until that golden moment when you open the bag.

Only The Finest Nuts

Our commitment to premium quality and local producers.

Only the best quality nuts make the cut to ensure your Nutorious experience is a special one.

As a passionate 100% Australian family-owned business, we’re nuts about supporting Australian growers and producers. We source our cracking peanuts from Queensland, our almonds from Victoria and South Australia, and our corn, sugar and salt from across Australia. While preference is given to Australian-grown nuts, sometimes we have to source walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews from world-class growers to ensure the consistency of quality you’ve come to expect and love.  

We’re proud to source our macadamias directly from the family-run Waliz Nut Farm in the picturesque town of Newrybar in the Byron Hinterland. Owners Paul and Liz share our passion for the highest quality macadamias grown and harvested under the Australian sun.

Our QVB and Burwood Nutteries

Follow the aroma. Taste the joy.

“It’s fun watching the lady behind the counter roasting and caramelising the nuts right in front of your very eyes. Cashews, macadamias, walnuts, peanuts, and almonds all getting their sweet, sweet sugar on!” – Adam W.

If you haven’t visited our Nutorious QVB and Burwood Nutteries, you’re in for an absolute treat.

Come on in, have a taste, bag a pack or two of freshly-crafted nuts, and watch our artisan Nutters in action as they stir the copper pot where all the magic happens. Can’t get to our store? Shop our online Nuttery and taste the joy of nuts freshly prepared to order.

Usual Opening Hours

9.30am to 6.30pm

Queen Victoria Building

Lower Ground Floor
455 George Street, Sydney


Westfield Burwood

Level 1 Food Court

100 Burwood Road, Burwood